Where can I buy tickets?
You can book your accommodation at our website in the accommodation section.

What are the opening times?
The ADE SLEEP/OVER campsite is open from Wednesday October 19 14:00h until Monday October 24 15:00h.

Can I bring my own tent?
ADE SLEEP/OVER has 400 unique accommodations to offer. So we invite you to use one of our unique overnight options!

And what about campers and caravans
ADE SLEEP/OVER offers limited amount of empty lots for creative campers who bring or build their own customized mobile home! 
More info here

Can I buy food and drinks at the camping site?

Yes of course! Breakfast will be served daily from 09:00 till 16:00 at Noorderlicht and Pllek. There'e even a breakfast in bed option! You can buy vouchers at our bookingspage. We also offer you a campingshop at Trammeland where you can buy sigarettes, candy, toothpaste and a lot of other stuff. 

Are there showers and toilets at the camping site?

Our camping has it’s own sanitation with nice, warm showers, flushable toilets, sinks and taps where you can get free drinking water. These are all open 24 hours a day. If you can afford a luxurious 'Lazy Bum package', you will have your own private toilet & shower.

Is there drinking water?

You can tap free drinking water at our water tap points at all the sanitation points.

Does the camping site has power outlets?
Yes, most of the accommodations will have their own electricity points.

Where can I park?
There is enough carparking space around the camping.