ADE Sleep/Over is an initiative by Amsterdam Dance Event, WINK and the NDSM Foundation in collaboration with Camping De Lievelinge and CampSolutions. Supported by the collective power of its existing venues: Noorderlicht Café, Undercurrent, the Ship of Fools, Trammeland Foundation and Faralda Crane Hotel. Fueled by Jupiler.

NDSM is located on the banks of the river IJ, only 7 minutes away from Amsterdam Central Station by ferry. Travel Directions




Amsterdam Dance Event

For five days in October the entire electronic music world gathers in Amsterdam for ADE. Over 350.000 industry people, millennials and music lovers flock to the city. Whilst millions more tune in via online media. The ADE Festival features 300 events and 2.000 DJ's in 100 clubs and venues throughout the city.

NDSM Foundation

NDSM (only 7 minutes away from Central Station by ferry) is a city district with a mix of features; intense and highly contrasting, vivid and unique. A cultural hotspot with a vibrant community of artists, multidisciplinary festivals, gastronomy, creative entrepreneurship in a post-industrial environment. A place for working, education, art, entertainment, food, hanging out and… camping!



WINK is the experiential communication agency. They deal in goosebumps. Tactile storytellers, rooted in rock 'n roll and raves, they design and produce real shareable moments. Made-to-measure memorable 360° experiences and temporary immersive environments for lifestyle brands and festivals.

Always on a mission to spread good times and evoke the sixth sense; the sense of wonder, WINK has built its own paradise together with some friends... De Lievelinge!


De Lievelinge
De Lievelinge is a ten-acre former campsite transformed into an utopia for those who are in the know. An oasis in the middle of nowhere, yet never more than an hour away... Somewhere between a glamping and an alternative creative festival site, it's a new leisure format rapidly becoming the talk of the town, featuring unique customized sleeping units, good vibes, legendary campfire talks, and a classic Spiegeltent at its heart for extraordinary and intimate events. Holland without haste!




Abel is the new & affordable taxi experience in Amsterdam. Abel makes traveling more fun, more social and more affordable by sharing your ride with others. This way nice encounters occur, that otherwise might not take place. 

You can book a ride with our user-friendly app, where you book a seat, not a car.  Sharing the ride makes it possible to travel for lower costs since you also share the fare. 

Abel is like an elevator: maybe someone’s already in the car, or gets in later. Sharing rides is cheaper, and it’s also more fun!