Green Battery provides ADE Sleep/Over with green energy.

As a campsite on concrete we aim to make our ecological footprint as small as a camping slipper.
To make this happen Green Battery provides the camping with energy.
Green Battery is one of the most innovating concepts in mobile energy structures, ideal for festivals and other outdoor events with no infrastucture. Just charge some giant batterypacks and place ‘m where needed. All fuelled by sustainable sources of energy by Green Choice. 
Sleep soundly every night, with no noise from power generators.

OCT. 19th. 2016

green battery

Hand analyses by Michiel Groeneveld, manager of film composer and producer Junkie XL.

'Life really is in the palm of your hands. Hand analyses is the advanced form of traditional palmistry. Where palmreading is about foretelling, hand analyses helps one gain self-knowledge and therefor improves your life. Start living in life purpose and start creating in a more meaningful way.

The music and dance industry exists of remarkable people. People who are literally standing behind the artist
whom they represent.
Performing their task as analyst and advisor while the artist concentrates on writing and recording songs.
This life in the shadows is only half of what we see and know of someone. That’s why we introduce Michiel Groeneveld,
the manager of film composer and producer Junkie XL.
To show this ‘other’ side. Michiel is doing hand analyses sessions at ADE Sleep/Over this week.

At Sleep/Over he's available for short 15 minute sessions, to all campers and guests.
Thursday 4pm to 6pm
Friday noon to 4pm

Michiel works on donation basis.

OCT. 18th. 2016
Hand reading

Jupiler hosts most relaxing area of the SLEEP/OVER! 

Our brewery Jupiler will be hosting the Most Relaxing Area Ever Made by Mankind; Hot Tubs and Cold Beers. Imagine yourself in a Hot tub with a cold beer? Good news: Jupiler is giving away a full acces ADE weekender including a luxurious accommodation at the ADE Sleepover. Tag two friends in our Facebookpost you want to share this awesome experience with. Cheers to that!
OCT. 7th. 2016


Holland without bikes? A campsite without bikes? Hell no!

For all Happy Camers we made a special deal with one of Amsterdam's finest bike rentals called MacBike.
Special ADE SLEEP/OVER rates:

48h – € 22,50*

72h – € 27,50*

96h – € 32,50*

* insurance excluded 

During check in you will receive a discount voucher. 

Nearest location: Central Station North; De Ruijterkade 34B, 1012 AA.
This deal applies to every other Macbike shop in the city. 


Oct. 04, 2016

Dutch National Opera & ADE: Before Present

Dutch National Opera and Amsterdam Dance Event team up for an exciting collaboration. In Before Present the best of both worlds ​​come​ together: contemporary opera and electronic dance music. Result​ing​ in an ​exhilarating ​performance taking place​​ at Noorderlicht, the ADE festival hub located on​ the post-industrial NDSM Shipyard site​.

Before Present is an examination of and reflection on our current times and state, as seen from the future. What happens when the relevance of our present existence is reduced to historical novelty? This short Electronic Dance Opera can been seen as an attempt to define an archaeology of the present.

DJ-producer Sjamsoedin (Nobody Beats The Drum) remixes compositions by contemporary composer Anat Spiegel. Stage director Sjaron Minailo, known for his cutting edge staging of interdisciplinary opera’s will lead a group of young singers from Dutch National Opera talent, an actor/singer and a live percussionist in the process of this new creation.

This short opera will be performed on the 19th and 20th of October, at 21:00 hours, prior to two clubnights at Noorderlicht;Bar Rotterdam and RAUW.



Sept. 28, 2016

Come join us on our trip to ADE SLEEP/OVER, this year’s new kid in ADE town.

Behind the tent zippers of our unique housing for guests from all over the world there’s a whole lot to experience. Consume art for breakfast. Get your brain back in shape through daily learning sessions from dance industry’s wise guys. Bump into dj’s who slice pizza for their most loyal fans, and boost your energy levels at endless waves of parties at Club Sleep/Over, Noorderlicht, Pllek or at nearby events like DGTL and Zeezout.

Zip it and see for yourself:

Sept. 27, 2016
overview 1

5 Reasons to book your stay at the ADE Sleep/Over!

As there are endless reasons NOT to MISS out the coolest Sleep/Over during ADE, we give you 5 to warm up a bit

1. You LOVE ADE! (then you most definitely will love the ADE Sleep/Over)
5 Days of dance, parties and the best DJ’s in the world! Does it get any better? YES, it does! This year we proudly introduce the ADE Sleep/Over. An urban campsite with comfortable heated sleeping accommodations, and the best parties just around the corner

2. You LOVE people!
Meeting new people from all over the world in an intimate setting of a campsite, that’s what ADE Sleep/Over is; kindred spirits, united for 5 days, making and sharing real memorable moments

3. You LOVE adventure!
Where there is adventure, there is you! Camping in October on a impressive post-industrial shipyard in Amsterdam during ADE, Hell yeah!

4. You LOVE your PJ’s!
Eating your breakfast, doing groceries or just chilling…at the ADE Sleep/Over you can walk around in your pj’s, onesie and slippers the WHOLE day if you want

5. You LOVE to learn more about Dance!
During ADE Sleep/Over many inspiring talks and lectures will be held in Club Sleep/Over. Learn from the best and go home smarter!! 
Sept. 8, 2016

Programme Club SLEEP/OVER

The characteristic Spiegeltent is our mainstage during ADE Sleep/Over. THE place to be for inspiration, drinking and dancing!

We host partners like ADE University, FuckUpnights, PIP Den Haag and let's not forget to mention our very own Disco nights!

We already announced a few fantastic DJ’s on Facebook like Cinnaman, Titia and Mike Mago. As we’re still adding more fun stuff to the program, we advise you to refresh this page every now and then. Do you have a brilliant idea for our line-up, don’t wait and let us know!

Sept. 5 2016



ADE University 2016

At night we sleep, during the day we learn! Check out the first names of speakers at ADE University 2016! Everyone with a ADE SLEEP/OVER wristband has free access!

Looking forward to see all you happy campers at ADE SLEEP/OVER! 

Sept. 4 2016
ADE University

RIDE/OVER to our camping with ABEL!

All roads lead to Rome, but there’s only one cab ride to ADE Sleep/Over: Abel

Abel provides the service of a cab with the sharing and fun experience we offer at our campsite. A match made in a tent!

Abel offers every ADE Sleep/Over guest a special happy camper discount (more news coming soon), which can be spent during ADE, on one of the most enjoyable cab rides, ever.

Abel – a ride you want to share

Abel is the new & affordable taxi experience in Amsterdam. Abel makes traveling more fun, more social and more affordable by sharing your ride with others. This way nice encounters occur, that otherwise might not take place. 

You can book a ride with our user-friendly app, where you book a seat, not a car.  Sharing the ride makes it possible to travel for lower costs since you also share the fare. 

Abel is like an elevator: maybe someone’s already in the car, or gets in later. Sharing rides is cheaper, and it’s also more fun!

Sept. 1 2016



Happy campers over there! Do you have a two floored tent, a tailor-made design camper, a tree house made of recycled paper or a creative incentive to build your own extraordinary pop-up lodge? Yes? Good, then we are looking for you! ADE SLEEP/OVER offers a limited amount of empty lots for creative campers who bring their own customized mobile home!

Show us your unique mobile home, by sending a photo or a sketch to:
We can't wait!

> Empty lot of approx 4,5 x 7 m2
> Electricity

Aug. 4 2016
opencall freehaven


This is the moment we have all been waiting for.. 
Go to ‘ACCOMODATIONS’ on this website to see the wide range of caravans, huts, yurts and tents!

Looking forward to see all you happy campers at ADE SLEEP/OVER! 

Aug. 4 2016


ADE SLEEP/OVER is a temporary urban campsite located on the impressive post-industrial site of the NDSM Shipyard. Only 7 minutes away from the city’s Central Station, we offer over four hundred comfortable, heated sleeping accommodations in different price ranges. Besides an extraordinary sleeping escapade, ADE SLEEP/OVER is also a handmade and intimate festival heart, presenting an elaborate programme of music, talks, art & performances and an exhilarating line-up with world-renowned DJ’s at various ADE venues just around the corner.

Join us and make your reservation now!

Aug. 4 2016